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Watch your friends on the map


Be aware of where your friends are right now, what they're doing, and how fast they're moving

and messages

Spam sound stickers on a chat with a friend. Start with a free starter pack and unlock new stickers every day


Shake the phone with your friend when you're a couple of meters away from each other, and everyone will know you're currently together


Get helpful notifications about friends' trips abroad, bumps and new messages

New message

6 h ago

megan: wow I see u r getting fun :)

a party never killed nobody!

2 h ago

john and kate just bumped 📱💥📱

friends travel the world! 🛩

1 min

sara just flew to 🇩🇪 Berlin


If you want to disappear from the radar, activate the freeze for a maximum of 24 hours

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